Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to clean candle vessels...

Hi, should I say Good Morning! I pose a question this morning, what is the best way to prevent, or at least, clean candle vessels that have the black soot in them? I must not use very clean burning candles, b/c all my jars/cups/etc. have the soot or whatever in them that is very hard to get out and it looks really bad. Does anybody have ideas of what works best to clean them up? I am open to any and all ideas. Thank you sincerely. Hope everyone has an Awesome day!! Kimberly

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OSU Orange Peel 2009

Ok, ok, everytime I load them in backwards (the pics I mean)
What an awesome show he put on. I luv him.
I will go and see him again if I have the chance. It was just a super show.
Pics 4-5
Great comedian: Jimmy Fallon! Funny funny funny!!
Our family had great seats, great company with us, and
we had a BLAST!!

Softball, District Bound

Top pic is of Jane (in the middle), and
cousin Shelbi on the right, and
good friend Auddie on the left.
There team is loaded and ready
to play in softball district tournament!
2nd pic if Jane's name, #, and Jr. on the bus window.