Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Therapy!

2nd hand shopping is such good therapy!
Here are a few pictures of the treasurers
I found this morning. And, a list of items not pictured!

Cute cute easter bunny salt and pepper set
I collect picnic baskets, and this one is small and was only $5, the cow if a mother's day gift for a dear friend of mine, that lived on a dairy her whole life.

Three new chickens for my collection!

Hard to see, but also got books, cards/envelopes, crayons, a cute mug (I'm doing mixes in mugs for Christmas gifts this year!), and 5 wicker trays!

Things not pictured: An Angel that need help with her wings, gift for Secret Sister, Snowman fleece throw, white table cloth with hand-sewn lace, two pairs of shorts for me, a shirt and shorts for my TFC, three tops for me, an Easter dress for me, and another church shirt/skirt set + an album (picture) for TFC life book! Oh and an ab lounger! We will see how well that works!

I had a blast this morning shopping, and DID NOT break the bank. It was great therapy for me. Needed some "Me Time".

I hope you all are having an AWESOME day. Love, Kimberly

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring 2010

Hi, I'm still here! We have been so busy at our house, that is the nature of the beast, when you accept a (new) (Th. Foster) child. CR has been here over a month. They are spoiling us. He is a good kid with some issues, but still a really good kid. Needs lots of love and acceptance!! Our family is slated to accept another Th. Foster child this week. And the boat will rock again. Anytime you add a new family member the boat rocks. So prayers requested for a smooth, or somewhat smooth transitition for everyone!! This new one will make our family be a family of six! :o) I'm leaving you this morning with a pictures of Spring at our house. (Spring brought us quite a bit of snow and really cold wind!)