Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring 2010

Hi, I'm still here! We have been so busy at our house, that is the nature of the beast, when you accept a (new) (Th. Foster) child. CR has been here over a month. They are spoiling us. He is a good kid with some issues, but still a really good kid. Needs lots of love and acceptance!! Our family is slated to accept another Th. Foster child this week. And the boat will rock again. Anytime you add a new family member the boat rocks. So prayers requested for a smooth, or somewhat smooth transitition for everyone!! This new one will make our family be a family of six! :o) I'm leaving you this morning with a pictures of Spring at our house. (Spring brought us quite a bit of snow and really cold wind!)


Karen said...

What a lot of changes!

Bless you for being willing to take in kids who need this. It can't be easy for you but what you are doing is SO important.

Darlene said...

You are such a great family to take on those theraputic foster kids. It must be tons of work but very rewarding also.

We are having some CRAZY Oklahoma weather this year. We only got a bit of snow....but STILL it snowed!!!!! I'm definitely ready for those Spring planting temperatures. I'm sure it will be feeling like Spring soon enough.♥