Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick update on my crazy life

Good Morning. Well I have quit my job, and am very close to being enrolled in Capella On-Line University. Currently looking for a way to have some incoming income. Todd has a killer kidney stone; that being said, he is scheduled for surgery to remove it tomorrow. My sister and niece are coming this week. The new puppy is growing like crazy. Life is flying by. More later. Hope you all have a great day!! Kimberly


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Bless your husband! I feel for him! That's horrible pain! I've had kidney stones 3 times (one of those times when I was 9 months pregnant and once on an airplane). For me, it was worse than child birth pain! Glad they're getting that taken care of for him!

Congratulations on your decision for school. Hope it goes well!

Have a great day! :)


Vee said...

You certainly do have a lot going on. My daughter just went through this kidney stone misery. How good that Todd is going to get this taken care of. Such miserable pain.

Karen said...

Praying Todd has a successful surgery and a quick recovery.

You DO have a lot going on!