Friday, August 16, 2013

Hi.  Just FYI, we make and sell 100% soy candles and tarts.  We have several flavors.  Votives $1/each, and tarts for your simmer pot .25/each.  Feel free to contact me to order.  Thanks to you all and have a great day!!  Kim

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My baby, Matthew, is a senior at RHS!  Good luck and have a fun year son!!  We love you so much!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Here I am with CANDLES

Good Morning!

Yes, it's been forever since I been on here, but a main goal is to start blogging again.

Aside from my dhs certified home daycare, my husband and I sell home-made soy candles.  All shapes, sizes, and scents, if you are interested in purchasing any, please let me know.  The price is right, and they burn and SMELL wonderful ad clean!

Hope you have a blessed day; will be back here later today or tomorrow!!

Love, Kimberly

Monday, April 1, 2013

2nd chance

Update on my.  October 26, 2012 I had baratric weight loss surgery.  I have lost a little over 80 pounds.  I am a new person, inside and out.  And very blessed.

I own and operate a successful DHS certified daycare.  Also sell Avon and have another side business called "Dead Broke Cowpokes Candles and More".  We make soy candles in great colors and scents.  And we do take orders.  I also am enrolled in two classes.  One college course, one real estate course.

Given a second chance in life, and livin' it to the fullest.  Hope a board this blog for the ride.

Love, Kim

Make the best of it Monday...1

Welcome to make the best of it Monday...

It's a crazy busy life here at the hacienda.  Didn't seem like we had a weekend at all!  Easter came and went.  No little ones here to hunt eggs.  Just Todd, Matthew (17) and I...celebrated with a summer and daughter at my mom and dad's.

Homework looming and due!  Housework humbled and blessed.  Just trying to make the best of a Monday.

Y'all have a great day!!

Love, Kimberly

Monday, February 11, 2013

For those of you in my area; I do in-home daycare, and have positions open.  I am dhs certified and take dhs payments.  Please contact me if you need my services.  Thank you.

I also sell Avon.  You can browse or order at  Thanks!!

And the hubby and I are starting a 3rd business, called "Dead Broke Cowpokes Candles and More".  We will take orders and ship if you are interested.  Pictures on request of candles.
Happy Valentine's Day Week!!  Love to you all!!