Monday, April 6, 2009

FMM-10 things that make me mad

Today's task: 10 things that just really get you fuzzed up (that means makes you mad)

1. Dramatic people
2. A dirty house
3. People (my kids and hubby) who won't pick up or clean up after themselves
4. Laundry that gets brought in and has to be done, after laundry day
5. An unkept lawn (especially if it's mine)
6. A dirty cluttered garage
7. Friends or others who talk about you behind your back; just say it to my face
8. Computer issues
9. Dishonest people
10. People who walk and talk the church life, but don't live it or share it

Thanks for reading. 10 things that peeve me. You can read others and find out all about FMM at

I have been very very busy with Family (softball and baseball), Friends, My women's fire fighters auxiliary, and selling Avon. So accept my apology for not being around the blog much. Hope all is well with each and every one of you. Love, Kimberly C.

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