Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Deco 2009 #1

Hi Everybody!
Life has been and still is so busy around here.
I am still doing in-home day care. Caring for seven children most days.
And my family and I are trying to get ready to theraputic foster family. There is tons, and I mean tons of paperwork to do, and turn in. Including fingerprints, and physicals...
And home visits (two), first one is this week. So I want house to look really good.
And of course, kids are busy with school activities, and such.
Not to mention, the Holidays are coming, am I ready. Nope! Nada! Not yet!!
That brings me to the pictures above, they are the first of my Fall decorating. Yes, I'm behind, and I realize that. There will be more pictures. Fall is my very fave time of the year. I have tons of stuff to decorate with, it's just finding time to do it!
I hope you all are enjoying the season.
Have an Awesome day!
Love, Kimberly


Darlene said...

Great decorations. I too LOVE fall and am holding on to it!

Ali said...

Those are cute, I just love fall decorating too! But for some reason I am itching to decorate for CHRISTMAS!! Ahh I know! I am trying to wait til AFTER Thanksgiving, but that doesn't stop me from breaking out the Christmas music lol

Karen said...

I really like your white pumpkins.

Best wishes as you prepare for fostering. Sounds difficult but I'm sure it will also be very rewarding.

(Shh...I'm not ready for Christmas at all, either.)