Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09#1

This is what we woke up to Christmas morning...WOW.
Zoey checking out the snow.

This was the only bird that didn't fly when I opened the door. Must have been 50 out there feeding.

Janie got ALL new make up for Christmas!

Janie and Matthew with some of their stocking stuffers.

New clothes (from his sister).


Money, money, ya, ya!
(That is all teenagers really need).

Janie and her Grandma (My mom).

Matthew, and his much-wanted OSU comforter.

Janie checking out her scrapbooking stuff.

Oops. My mom in her new snuggie.

(Sorry). Mr. OSU man, Matthew.


Darlene said...

Looks like a great Christmas!! We still have snow everywhere and had to shovel the walks and a place for the poodles to go to the bathroom. It barely melted at all today.

Darlene said...

Just viewed your blog and will follow you. I too love animals especially my two horses "Oreo" & "Ozzie". Will check back , Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year.