Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jane's Ripley 2010 Jr. Prom

Fun Pose, she looks tuff.
So beautiful!

They are such a wonderful couple.
Have fun you guys!
Thanks for looking at my beautiful daughter and her boy friend
(prom date) Jerrad. Pray for them, as Jerrad's dad lost his job here,
and they may be moving. It will break Janie's heart! :o)


Anonymous said...

She is a very beautiful girl!

Karen said...

Such nice pictures! Her dress is so unusual and gorgeous! She looks beautiful!

(Could I use any more !!, do you think? ;-)

Darlene said...

She looks SO gorgeous! They make a great couple. Hopefully his dad can find a new job close by. Hope they had a great time at prom.♥

DayPhoto said...

What a beauty! And it brings back all those memories of when my kids went to prom. Now I have to wait for the grandchldren to grow up so I can see them off to fairyland.


Karen said...

That dress is perfect to go with the theme-and what a deal she got! That makes it even more fun.

Vee said...

Very cute couple! Your daughter is adorable, cute, and playful. Hope that they had a fun time at the prom.