Friday, September 9, 2011

Present and accounted for

Good Morning, I'm alive! Yes, believe it or not, I'm alive (sorta)...LOL...Lots has happened in life since I was last here. I have quite my job, due to my health and some other issues. My father had a major heart attach, and now, thanks to Oklahoma Heart Hospital is doing quite well. My daughter Janie has started college, and is doing good. My son, the HS sophomore, is waiting anxiously for December to get his drivers license. Todd is doing spectacular after having kideny surgery, and doc finally released him for full duty after knee surgery. I have enrolled in an on line college, hope to get my BS in Psychology, and am currently trying to talk myself into finishing DHS application for in home daycare again (sigh)...need some income deserpately bad. Goal: stay at home, do daycare, be here for Matthew and his needs (and wants) till he finishes HS, and I get degree. Then I hope to work with DHS or a school as a councelor or something like that. :-) Life is hard, but good right now. I am one blessed chick! More later with pictures, Kimberly.

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