Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm back...

One of my (many) new years resolutions (yes, I make them) is to blog at least 3-4 times weekly, would like to think I can blog daily. We will see. Decided I would start practicing now...

Life is busy. I'm dhs certified for in-home daycare. Success was making an "A" in my very first ever college class. Currently enrolled in my second college class. Wanting to finish my real estate license venture. Just need to study up and take exam!

Due to being unemployed for quite while now, we are dead broke. Learning many many lessons about life, money, being frugal, and doing with out. Christmas at the Cundiff's is very slim this year. Thankful my kids are bigger so they kind of understand.

Keeping this house clean, selling Avon, taking class and keeping up with two dogs keeps me pretty busy daily.

Thanks for stopping by. I have pictures to upload and get on this blog site...will do that tonight or tomorrow.

Love, Kimberly

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Vee said...

Many blessings to your family this year as you enjoy a frugal Christmas. The good news is that they can be the very best Christmases ever!

Congrats on your "A"! Way to go!!