Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 random things...

I love making new friends. Today, I am participating in Making Friends Monday. Kacey over at All That Is Good is hosting Friend Makin on Monday. So today we are to share 10 things about ourselves. Here is goes:

1. I Love Horses (Own two of them), Sheep, and Chickens.
2. My husband and I have two teenagers, but I would love to have a baby!
3. I must have a fan on at night to sleep, and lots of soft covers.
4. I sleep with my head covered.
5. I have very cold feet most nights.
6. My hair is long and very thick.
7. I love watching my daughter pitch HS softball, and my son pitch HS baseball!
8. Green is my favorite color, I like purple too.
9. Mexican food is my fave.
10. I serve a mighty God.

Have an awesome day! Kimberly


Kasey said...

Do you do the fan thing at night for the noise? I do that during the summer, but I'm always waking with a stuffed up nose If I do it in the winter.

I'm so glad you are joining in on the fun! I hope that lots of people will join and then we can all meet lots of great people! I am very glad I got to visit and hope to get to know you better! have a great day- bye!

Kasey said...

oh yeah...we eat mexican food about 2 times a week! it's super yum!

Kim Caldwell said...

Kim, As I was reading your 10 random things, we actually have more in common than our initials. 10, 8, 6, 5, also I would love to have another baby, but my husband is not in favor. Nice to meet you!