Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's Thrift Store Finds

Good Afternoon; these are some pictures of the thrift store finds for today. First is a shelf. Looks like a bathroom shelf. The hinged part opens up. It is really cute. Don't have a clue what I'm doing with it. But I will get a picture when I decide where to hang it.

Next, is this hanger that has a pocket inside for flowers or whatever. I thought it looked very springy...that is what I will be decorating the house for after Valentine's Day.

This is a neat old sprinkler bottle with metal top with holes for sprinkling laundry to be ironed. It has cork-board stopper. Fabulous bottle. Below is the whole bottle.

That is it for now. Back to cleaning the bedroom! Fun Fun.
Have an awesome day. Kimberly


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff....nothing like a great day at the thrift store!

Tracey McBride said...

Hi Sarah,
These are great finds! I especially like the vintage sprinkler bottle for ironing! I've seen them in old movies and pictures but never in real life!! So fun and useful.
Thanks for sharing!